Our Projects

Mirko Leo

Business Development

Mirko has been involved with the RB Group since 2017, as an advisor in the acquisition of Portosole Marina. Since 2020. Prior to this, Mirko worked as CFO in Invensys Plc (now Schneider Electric) and as CRO in various Italian companies.

Davide Sommariva


Davide previously worked at Aletti Bank, he left his position and founded Renergetica in 2008. Since inception it has created, managed and operated PV projects globally. In 2018 Renergetica was listed on the Italian Stock Market as PV international developer. In 2020 they issued a €12 million bond fully underwritten to finance its 1GWp global pipeline development.

Amadeus Davoudi

Investor Relations

Amadeus has been involved in brokerage, fund distribution and private investments for over a quarter of a century. To his good name he has several fund solutions and distribution companies where he was able to represent tailored investment solutions for institutional investors. He was previously head of sales at the largest privately owned bank in Switzerland, and for other major banks.

Roberto Orsini


Roberto has held several CEO positions at Italian and international companies, including Portosole. He enjoys working as an advisor in various acquisitions, primary in Italy, leveraging his skills and expertise to drive deals through to completion. For Hyphen, this includes the development and operation of renewable energy plants in Italy and beyond.

Jad Aridi


Jad joined us in 2021 with a particular focus on energy and renewables among many others. Prior to this, Jad worked as COO for a start-up based in Beirut and as a Project Manager for AgoraGroup in Dubai, working to connect global companies with MENA investors/buyers.

Alex Chirdaris


Alex has a focus on developing the commodities trade and financing business. Prior to realising this passion, Alex worked in the value investments team at Dromeus Capital as well as at the investment bank Axia Ventures Group, and of course, he was at Reuben Brothers from 2015.

Uryia Dolev

Portfolio Manager

Uryia has over 15+ years experience working across a variety of global energy companies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia and New Zealand. Uryia has been involved in a variety of energy acquisitions and investments both conventional and renewable.

Mehmet Saydam

Managing Director

Mehmet has covered Natural Resources & Commodities in Emerging Markets for over 20 years at institutions like Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs. During this period he led major market-leading deals in oil and gas as well as metals and mining- some of which he captained during the Global Financial Crisis despite all the headwinds. Today his passion and time is poured into Hyphen, with ambitions to take on more projects globally, creating tangible change and legacy.